Countryside Log Cabin Rental Accommodation Moray Scotland Speyside
Countryside Log Cabin Rental Accommodation Moray Scotland Speyside

Wildlife on your doorstep! This area has an amazing variety of interesting wildlife for you to see.
You'll maybe catch a glimpse of the magnificent Golden Eagle on a trip to the mountain or see the red squirrels, deer and beautiful butterflies as you sit on the balcony.

Here is what you might see around the log cabin and in the area:

• Stoat
• Fox
• Heron
• Kestrel
• Pheasant
• Red Squirrel
• Highland Cattle
• Rabbit
• Osprey
• Deer
• Buzzard
• Great Tit
• Frogs & Toads
• Butterflies and More

To find out more local wildlife information and latest wildlife sightings click the link below to visit the Wildlife Scotland Website:

The burns, rivers, lochs and wetlands in the area have a higher degree of 'naturalness' than almost anywhere else in the EU. Our freshwaters are used as a bench mark of high water quality against which other areas are judged. The plateaux is dissected by straths where the largest remnants of native woodland in Britain, as well as important examples of heathland are set in cultural landscape of great beauty. The local farmland and grasslands have been managed in a less intensive manner than other areas so are still important for many plants and animals.

As a consequence of this variety in a relatively small geographical area, a large proportion of the UK's most threatened, localised and endangered species occur in the Cairngorms, including a quarter of the Government's top 'Priority' species. For a considerable number of these, the Cairngorms hold a significant proportion of the UK population and range, and in a few cases, the entire population. For these reasons, the Cairngorms merit the description as the jewel in the crown on Scotland's natural heritage.

Deer Log Cabin Moray Scotland Accommodation Speyside
Red Squirrel Log Cabin Moray Scotland Accommodation Speyside
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